IEC TC111/PT 63212

Objective: harmonize certain environmental performance criteria for EE products within current ecolabel programs, to develop an International Standard, and harmonization of environmental performance criteria is beneficial to various stakeholders.

Established in 2017 April with:

Experts from 6 NC’s at the very beginning
Experts now, from 11 NC’s.

DTR 63212 was approved by all the IEC TC 111 P-Members voting in 2019 August

Future of the work

Short term: 2020

The NWIP on harmonized environmental performance criteria for EE products will be submitted to IEC/TC111.

Long term: 3-5 years

The harmonization (horizontal) International Standard is published;

The database for environmental performance criteria from eco label schemes is created;

The Validation Team is established to maintain that database;

Relative product TC’s are involved in the use of the International Standard;

Eco label scheme operators and related SDOs start to adopt the International Standard when they develop or update their own standards.