Joint Working Group (JWG) – IEC 62430: Environmental Conscious Design (ECD) with ISO/TC 207

JWG created in November 2014, and start to develop ISO/IEC double logo standard.

In past, TC111 had published IEC 62430 Ed.1 “Environmentally conscious design for electrical and electronic products (2009)” as a horizontal standard within IEC standardization activity.

October 22nd, IEC had published newly ISO/IEC double logo standard – IEC 62430 Ed 2.0 (2019).

The publication concerns all parties in the supply chain regardless of organization type, size, location and complexity. The standard establishes the steps to follow for companies wishing to implement environmentally conscious design for their products.

  • The scope of this new edition is wider and does not only refer to electrotechnical products and systems. It can be applied industry-wide (incl. service sector).

Elements of ECD

Elements of ECD into the design and development are:

items from a) to d) corresponds to a PDCA (plan, do, check and act) cycle ©IEC 62430 Ed2.0 (2019)

Further of the work

To develop application guidance based on IEC 62430.

  • This guidance will be contain some sector specific examples for implementing the requirements of IEC 62430.

Continually, to collaborate with ISO TC207 and/or CEN/CENELEC and following “ECD/eco-design, Circular economy, etc” matters.